The person who is competent in this competency unit shall be able to sell and market company product/packages to generate income/yield for the travel agency. Upon completion of this competency unit, trainees will be able to identify product, execute work strategy, perform reach out program and generate sales reach out program report.

A travel consultant, also called a travel agent, is a person trained in the travel industry to advise clients and provide services for vacation, business, or relocation destinations.

Travel consultants have specialized knowledge of travel issues that enables them to help their clients make informed decisions. They also help get the customer to and from their original destination.

Travel consultants ideally know something about the place the customer is asking about and some fligt booking requirements. Travel consultants are responsible for promoting various destinations. Therefore they must be proficient in various aspects of travel operations.

This course consists of 5 units of competency such as Reservations & Ticketing, Inbound & Outbound Operations, Sles & Marketing, Supervision & Administration and Customer Services Relations.